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Declarations under NHS Provider Licence General Condition 6 and Continuity of Services Condition 7

Same Sex Accommodation Declaration
Improving the patient experience of our patients

We remain committed to delivering same sex accommodation. Limiting mixed sex areas is to essential high care areas only, such as critical care and areas where patients require more intensive care due to their critical condition. This is made explicit in our Privacy and Dignity policy. Even in these areas there are strict guidelines to ensure that privacy and dignity is maintained as far as possible for all our patients

For a hospital to say that it has same-sex accommodation, it must provide sleeping areas and toilet and washing facilities that are for men or women only. This will mean different things in different hospitals. You could be:

  • in a same-sex ward, where the whole ward is occupied by either men or women only
  • in a single room, or
  • in a mixed ward, where men and women are in separate bays or rooms

Toilet and washing facilities should be easy to get to, not a long way from your bed. You shouldn’t have to go through accommodation or toilet, or washing facilities used by the opposite sex, to get to your own.

Our commitment to privacy and dignity is promoted through the following key elements of which are:

  • Ensuring staff are wearing their identity badge
  • Improving and maintaining the appropriate use of curtains around beds
  • Minimising noise at night
  • Peer review audits of privacy and dignity
  • Monitoring the patient experience of answering call bells
  • Improving the quality of hospital gowns available for patients
  • Improving privacy and dignity in diagnostic areas
  • Ensuring patients are appropriately covered when being transferred around the hospital.

Reducing the Risk of Infection

Patient safety is our priority and we are committed to do everything we can to keep our infection rates low. We take infection control extremely seriously and work hard to prevent and control infection in our hospitals.

You can find out more by visiting our Infection Prevention pages.

Child Protection and Safeguarding