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Equality and diversity

RBCH Equality Statement

At RBCH we recognise that equality means treating everyone with equal dignity and worth irrespective of any protected personal characteristics. In doing so it acknowledges that people have different needs, situations and goals and achieving equality requires the removal of the discriminatory barriers that limit what people can do and can be. The Trust is committed to ensuring that people do not experience inequality through discrimination or disadvantage imposed by other individuals, groups, institutions or systems in terms of:

  • Outcomes - related to both health care and/or employment
  • Access - related to clinical services and/or employment and promotion opportunities
  • The degree of independence they have to make decisions affecting their lives, and
  • Treatment - related to both clinical care and employment.

What Equality means to the Trust


  • Will have equality and diversity embedded within the organisation
  • Recognises that to deliver truly high quality care, the relationship between service users and those caring for them must be based on an accurate and sensitive understanding of the context in which patients live and work.
  • Will regularly seek engagement with all parts of its community including those from protected groups and will ensure that they are involved and included in decision making.
  • Ensures all new staff are introduced to Diversity as part of the induction programme.
  • Will deal swiftly and decisively with any incidents of unlawful discrimination or other inappropriate behaviour.
  • Will treat everyone fairly with dignity, respect, value and worth, irrespective of any protected personal characteristic.
  • Will identify and understand the way in which service delivery impacts on those with protected characteristics.
  • Will provide fair, accessible and good quality healthcare services for all of its patients.
  • Will regularly monitor and review its Equality and Diversity Strategies and positive action will be taken when required.
  • Will support and develops its staff to enable them to reach their full potential
  • Takes positive action to recruit employees on merit and reward outstanding performance, regardless of background.
  • Has a commitment to the health and wellbeing of its staff and actively supports them to achieve a good work/home life balance.
  • Will ensure Trust policies and arrangements for job and development reviews include assessment of performance against equality and diversity issues as part of the knowledge and skills framework Has a commitment to meeting the statutory Equality duties (a statement of this commitment is included in all our job descriptions.