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Guide to Having Blood Specimens Taken

There are many situations in which your doctor may request that you have a blood specimen or specimens taken to aid in diagnosis, to monitor treatment or to exclude certain conditions. In most cases these specimens will be taken by a procedure known as phlebotomy or venepuncture, ie taking blood from a vein. The Department is in the West Wing of the main building at the Royal Bournemouth Hospital and in the Out-Patients Department at Christchurch Hospital.

Pathology Reception Bournemouth
Opening times 8.00 am – 4.30 pm Monday-Friday

Pathology Reception Christchurch
Opening times 9.00 am – 3.30 pm Monday-Friday

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Blood tests are taken at both Christchurch and Royal Bournemouth Hospitals except for

  • Aldosterone/Renin Ratio
  • Anticardiolipin
  • Bone Turnover CTXP1NP
  • Chromogranins
  • Cryoglobulin
  • Glucose Tolerance Test (GSTT)
  • Growth Hormone
  • Lupus Anti-phospholipid Screen (Includes anticardiolipin, IgG/IgM and anti-B2 glycoprotein)
  • Specialist Coagulation (Includes factor assays, anti-Xa)
  • Thrombophilia Screen (Including requests for protein C, protein S, anti-thrombin III)
  • Vitamin D

All of which must all be taken at Bournemouth.

There are no appointments required at either the Royal Bournemouth or Christchurch Hospitals for a blood test except for Glucose Tolerance Tests (GTT) that must be pre-booked through Bournemouth or Christchurch Pathology Reception. A Cortisol or Testosterone specimen must be taken around 9.00 am

Fast-tracking of phlebotomy for patients who require blood tests before daily chemotherapy is available by appointment through the Haematology Consultants.

Fasting blood tests

Your doctor has requested your attendance for a fasting blood test.This may be for glucose or lipid/cholesterol testing. For this to be performed there is a requirement to fast overnight prior to the blood test. This means that no food or drink (except plain water) should be consumed for at least 12 hours before the blood test.

It is possible to perform the blood test if the patient has not fasted. However, depending on the test results obtained, your doctor may require the patient to attend for a further blood test after fasting.

Phlebotomy for children

Children are not bled at either Royal Bournemouth or Christchurch Hospitals. Children can have their blood taken by appointment by phoning Poole Hospital.

Guide on blood tests

All Pathology Departments at the Royal Bournemouth and Christchurch Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust are fully accredited by Clinical Pathology Accreditation. www.cpa-uk.co.uk (External Link)