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Bournemouth Leukaemia Fund

Bournemouth Leukaemia Fund was set up in 1984 by the late Professor Terry Hamblin and Professor David Oscier to support the Royal Bournemouth Hospital’s Molecular Haematology research laboratory's work into the causes and management of leukaemia and other blood cancers.

Professor Oscier has handed over the mantle to doctors Helen McCarthy and Renata Walewska to lead the laboratory's dedicated doctors and scientists who have gained world-wide recognition within medical circles, as well as benefiting local patients having treatment for blood disorders.  Money raised by the charity is used to fund scientific staff, equipment, reagents and the costs of publishing scientific papers.

The Friends of Bournemouth Leukaemia Fund Committee is delighted to announce that its campaign to acquire a Next Generation Sequencer, a state-of-the-art machine not funded by the NHS, has been successful and would like to thank all those who contributed so generously which made this possible.

The sequencer is now installed in the Molecular Pathology laboratory at Royal Bournemouth Hospital and will help dedicated doctors and scientists to achieve faster diagnoses, more tailored treatments and better outcomes for cancer patients and will also enable more effective research.

The NGS has been dedicated to the memory of the late Professor Terry Hamblin, co-founder of Bournemouth Leukaemia Fund, who achieved so much in cancer care and research, and saved countless lives.

Friends of Bournemouth Leukaemia Fund

Back (L to R): Dee Morris, Rosemary Mundy, Estelle Wilson, Jenny White, Fiona Perry-Symes, Jane Hume
Front (L to R): Shirley Sherman, Janice Binstead, Jan Fuller

The BLF Friends Committee is determined to maintain last year’s record-breaking fundraising, as the charity now needs even more support, particularly to pay salaries for scientists and a new increased cost of upwards of £20,000 per annum running costs for the NGS.

The committee's activities are listed on our Events and Fundraising pages. Donations are always welcome and should be sent to Estelle Wilson, Bournemouth Leukaemia Fund, Molecular Pathology Laboratory, Royal Bournemouth Hospital, Castle Lane East, Bournemouth, BH7 6DW. Cheques should be made payable to Bournemouth Leukaemia Fund. Telephone enquiries to Estelle Wilson, 07772 860268 or email to estellemwilson@gmail.com.

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