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Science in Bournemouth

Over the past 30 years the Haematology department in Bournemouth has published over 300 papers in leading journals and gained an International reputation for its research into the causes and treatment of leukaemias, especially chronic lymphocytic leukaemia, and other blood cancers.

The Bournemouth Leukaemia Fund (BLF) is a registered charity set up in 1984. With support from patients, their family and friends, and the local community, it has played a vital role in funding our research. The BLF supports the salaries and educational requirements of research scientists together with reagent and equipment costs. The BLF also helps to fund a local cell bank containing over 30,000 anonymised blood samples. These samples have been, and remain pivotal for ethically–approved research projects performed locally and in conjunction with National and International collaborators.

We have been awarded Leukaemia and Lymphoma research to support research lab

Laboratory research and clinical trials increasingly improve the quality of life and survival of patients both locally and worldwide but are costly to perform.

In the current economic climate we rely more than ever before on the BLF to supplement research grants from National charities and we continue to be grateful for your support.

Standing L to R: Zadie Davis, Jade Forster, Rachel Ibbotson, Anton Parker, David Oscier, Renata Walewska, Anne Gardiner, Debbie Batchelor, Neil McIver–Brown, Sitting Lto R: Ian Tracy, Sarah Mould, Hazel Robinson, Karen Kimpton (Dr McCarthy is an additional member of the research team)

Leukaemia and lymphoma research