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Trust remains committed to women’s health patients

1 August 2013

The way in which women’s health services are delivered at the Royal Bournemouth Hospital (RBH) has changed to reflect local health needs. While the Trust continues to provide the same services and treat the same patients, the Women’s Health Unit has been incorporated into single-sex bays in the Urology-Gynaecology Ward, where patients will continue to receive high-quality care by specialist staff.

Gynaecological and breast care treatments have changed greatly over the years, with the vast majority of patients now being treated as day-case procedures. This is reflected in the new Jigsaw Building, which recently received planning permission and focuses on delivery of high quality day case and outpatient services.

Richard Renaut, Director of Service Development, commented: “The number of gynaecological patients who require overnight stays is small. These patients will now be cared for in single-sex bays in the Urology-Gynaecology Ward, where the nursing staff are highly experienced and qualified in providing the specific care that our gynaecological patients require.”

“The number of breast care patients who need to stay overnight in hospital has also reduced. Where clinically indicated, these patients will continue to be cared for in side rooms, ensuring privacy while they recover from their procedures.

“Quality of care for our patients will be unaffected by this move. Those that need overnight stays will receive the highest quality care from nursing staff with the experience and knowledge to meet their specific needs,” added Richard Renaut.

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