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Hospital’s investment in technology improves patient safety

7 February 2014

Patients at the Royal Bournemouth Hospital now have their condition monitored via an electronic system which automatically alerts staff if they start to deteriorate, enabling a quicker clinical response, improving safety and enhancing patient care.

Using a handheld device similar to an iPhone, nurses record and monitor a patient’s observations, for example blood pressure and heart rate, on a system called VitalPAC Nurse.

The software prompts the nurse to enter all of the necessary data and generates a score - the higher the score, the more the patient has deteriorated, and the sooner an appropriately skilled clinician is able to respond. This enables staff to prioritise treatment for the sickest patients.

This information is also stored electronically and can be accessed from anywhere in the Trust by nurses and doctors.

Paula Shobbrook, Director of Nursing, said: “This system has proven to be highly affective for both our patients and staff. Patients are being treated more quickly, which enhances their recovery, and our nurses have the technology they need to be able to provide the highest quality care.”

Tracey Cooper, Clinical Trainer, said: “VitalPAC Nurse has brought a positive change to nursing practice by helping them to reprioritise their workload, enabling them more time for direct patient care.”

The Trust is now working on VitalPAC Doctor, which will be introduced in the coming weeks.

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