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Clinical Services Review recommendations published today

13 September 2017

As you may be aware from the news, NHS Dorset Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) published its final recommendations for the Clinical Services Review (CSR) today, before they go to its governing body on Wednesday 20 September, where they can be accepted, rejected or amended.

The CCG’s final recommendations include the Royal Bournemouth Hospital becoming the major emergency hospital and Poole Hospital becoming the major planned hospital for east Dorset. Should these recommendations be accepted, we would be able to start properly planning for these changes, providing a fantastic opportunity for the Trust and colleagues across the county to prepare for the future healthcare demands of Dorset.

Our major priorities would then include looking to secure the money needed for any changes to our estates. Although we have been allocated funds by the Department of Health, we would still need to produce a final submission for funding based on the acceptance of the final recommendations.

We would also begin to look at the services currently provided at both our trusts and start working out how they would be provided in the future - including looking at what would need to move and what would stay the same. These discussions would include clinical teams from both trusts, together with our medical directors and chief operating officers.

If the recommendations are confirmed, we would start working with the Competition and Markets Authority to explore a potential merger between us and Poole Hospital. If all goes to plan, this could happen within the next 12 to 18 months.

The CSR process has been running since March 2014 and has involved many of our staff working closely with colleagues across Dorset. Regardless of the outcome of next Wednesday’s meeting, we will continue to explore collaboration across Dorset for the benefit of our patients. We appreciate all the hard work that has gone into getting to this stage and know there is a lot more to come, however we strongly believe it will be worth it as we prepare for a sustainable future, working closely with partners across Dorset.

Thank you for your continued support to the Trust.

To read the full list of recommendations, please go to the CCG’s pages here.

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