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New portable scanner to revolutionise liver health care in Dorset

24 October 2017

Liver health care across Dorset is set to be revolutionised thanks to the arrival of a new charity funded portable liver scanner at the Royal Bournemouth Hospital (RBH).

Bournemouth Hospital Charity, through the support of Christchurch Rotary Club, has purchased the new ‘Fibroscan’ portable liver scanner which will enable liver nurses to provide out-reach community clinics across Dorset every week.

The new portable device will operate alongside an existing static scanner at RBH.

Consultant Nurse, Hazel Allen, said: “This is a revolutionary piece of kit that we’re very lucky to have been able to buy. We can now take this portable scanner across the county to scan patients in their own communities, because our service covers the whole of Dorset.

“Fibroscan is a non-invasive way of seeing if someone has advanced liver damage. It can take a reading from a liver and check whether there is any scarring by assessing how stiff the liver is.

“If patients show signs of advanced liver damage, we can act quickly to bring them under our care and look after their liver. And even if they don’t have advanced disease, it’s at least a tool to start that process.”

The new scanner has been entirely funded thanks to a very generous donation from the Christchurch Rotary Club. President, Richard Reader, said: “One of the main concerns of our club is to support our local communities. We spoke to Bournemouth Hospital Charity about their needs for extra equipment – specifically the portable liver scanner – and felt this was exactly the sort of project we were keen to support as it will provide medical benefits to local people.”

Chronic liver disease is Britain’s fifth biggest cause of premature death behind cancer, heart disease, stroke and lung disease. Liver disease is the only one of these major causes of death that is growing and was forecast to cost the NHS in excess of £bn nationally in 2015.

Bournemouth Hospital Charity is looking to raise further funds to acquire a larger scanning probe that will maximise the number of patients who can receive scans during these important clinics.

Anyone wanting to support or donate to this project can do so by visiting BHCharity.org/liver-health/ or by calling the Charity Office on 01202 704060.


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