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Stroke affects 100,000 people a year in the UK. This amount to one person every 5 minutes.

The stroke service at Royal Bournemouth Hospital see over 750 new strokes every year. The numbers of strokes have been increasing decade on decade due to a multitude of reasons: increased awareness of the symptoms of stroke, increased lifespan of the population, changes in diet and lifestyle and many others. Despite this the proportion of people dying from their stroke is actually falling, and there is only one reason for this: Research.

Research tells us what the effective treatments for stroke are, how to use them and when to use them. Research has led to the formation of dedicated stroke units which have reduced death and disability through multidisciplinary working. Research has allowed the use of clot busting drugs to reduce the damage a stroke causes to the brain.

Stroke research can only continue through the efforts of individuals volunteering to take part in trials, leading to better care for future patients.

Our patients are some of the best advocates for stroke research.

Peter, a patient on a Stroke trial called IRIS:
“I have always felt part of the system. I felt that the research staff were interested and made a very positive contribution to my care. I felt that I was being monitored and in fact beneficial alterations were made to my treatments”.

Frank, also a patient on a Stroke trial called IRIS:
“Everything goes so smoothly, there’s so little apart from taking the tablets to worry about. They are keeping a watch on you, which is reassuring. Coming is better than the doctor, because we have time to discuss things. It’s the good old National Health like it used to be”.

Derek, a patient on a long term secondary prevention clinical trial:
“After a few health problems it was really reassuring to have regular check-ups by a professional friendly team”.

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