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Feedback and comments from patients

Vascular patient group


"It is important to keep active, walking any distance is likely to be painful but frequent stops will make the pain tolerable when necessary."


"Since being diagnosed with claudication, the doctor gave me blood thinning tablets which have helped, also going to the classes was very informative and showed me that the pain is not doing me harm, but which exercise to do that will bring the pain on, which helps to get the blood supply better and hopefully in the end less pain."


"Finding out I has PDA has impacted on my life in ways I would not have imagined. The pain limits my ability to do the things I previously took for granted. Walking long distances, aerobics, even retail therapy and running/playing with the grandchildren. The pain is one thing, it's the "hidden" symptoms such as loss of self esteem, low mood swings and depression knowing that my condition affects my friends and family.
The exercise sessions at the hospital have helped not only to realise that there are others with the same condition, but the support from the Nurse Specialists. It's a shame these sessions are so limited, as I find it easier to do the exercises with others than I do on my own."


"We people who are in this condition must help the people who are helping us and we must help ourselves, also mind over matter is a very strong thing and we must do all we can to do exercises that are given to us to help.
I'm finding it very helpful indeed, so please keep up all the help you can get, and thanks to all people helping us.
Please don't give up on this, keep going all you can, it's hard but don't give in."


"I am 78 years old. In my mid 60s I was diagnosed with claudication in both legs, because of the difficulty I had walking, I was given a stent in both my iliac arteries. "Hooray" I could walk normally again. Over the last few years the claudication has returned in the legs and also in my aorta and main arteries (almost inoperable). The cause of all this was SMOKING. I started at the age of 15 and ended up a very very heavy smoker. I quit at the age of 52, but the damage was done. DON'T SMOKE!"