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Specialist nurse recognised with national award

Heather Johnson, Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD) nurse specialist, collected her award at the Tillotts IBD Nurse Recognition Awards ceremony, where she was praised for introducing an IBD nurse clinic as part of a project to improve patient care and reduce demand on outpatient clinics.

The project, where nurses use a narrow tube with a light and camera on one end, called a flexible sigmoidoscopy, to investigate patients with IBD symptoms, has led to faster diagnosis for patients, meaning treatment has been able to start earlier.

Speaking after the ceremony, Heather said: “Being an IBD nurse specialist is an extremely rewarding role, I work in a very supportive team of IBD nurses and we all try and put the patient at the centre of everything we do to try and make a difference in their care.

I feel very humbled receiving this award as there are so many IBD nurses working hard to help patients manage their condition – it’s just nice to think we are making a difference somewhere – to somebody.”

Simon McLaughlin, Consultant Gastroenterologist, nominated Heather for the award: “I have worked closely with Heather for eight years and during that time she has always done her best to develop the IBD service and improve patient care. I was keen that her work was recognised nationally and without her knowledge put her name forward for this award. I was delighted to hear that she has received the recognition she deserves.”

Sean Weaver, Consultant Gastroenterologist, said: “I am delighted that this award gives Heather some of the recognition that all who work with her, and are looked after by her, know she deserves. It is marvellous. She is so dedicated and has developed as such a multi-talented IBD nurse who is always patients focused and always wanting to provide patient centred care.”

Heather Johnson receives excellence award

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