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RBH an ‘exemplar centre’ for Interventional Radiology

21 June 2019

The Royal Bournemouth Hospital (RBH) has been praised once again for the quality of its Interventional Radiology (IR) services by the British Society of Interventional Radiology (BSIR).

As one of a number of hospitals to be awarded the Exemplar Site Status in January 2014 with a total of only 33 exemplar sites across the UK, the renewal of exemplar status demonstrates the Trust’s commitment to improving quality and access to Interventional Radiology services in four key areas: scope of services, providing good quality care, patient focus and service improvement.

The Trust offers an extensive range of IR treatments which are performed by specialist consultants, use imaging methods such as CT and X-rays to guide small instruments, like catheters, through pin hole incisions in the skin to enter the body. This means the treatment is much less invasive for the patient with less pain and trauma, reduced infection rate and quicker recovery time.

Dr Clare Bent, Radiology Consultant at RBH, said: “This is a real achievement for our team who work hard to sustain a robust, high quality and efficient clinical service to our patients.

“Our vascular and oncology services have a proven track record of excellence both in terms of patient outcomes and safety. This is in parallel with service development to introduce the latest treatments for high blood pressure, problematic urinary symptoms in men, osteoarthritis, menstrual symptoms and chronic pelvic pain in women and the latest treatments for cancer. It really is an exciting time for us as a team.”

As part of achieving Exemplar Site Status, the RBH IR team demonstrated it has a clear process for maintaining quality of care and continually works to improve the service through regular audit, learning and multidisciplinary working. The team has also committed to submitting data to registries to inform national practice, sharing service developments with other trusts, along with providing high quality patient information and getting feedback from patients about their services.

The exemplar status will be subject to renewal by February 2023 to demonstrate the same standards are still being met.

RBH Interventional radiology team celebrate

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