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Diabetes doctor visits Downing Street

28 June

A diabetes consultant from the Royal Bournemouth Hospital (RBH) has attended a reception hosted by the Prime Minister to thank those involved in the care, treatment and prevention of diabetes.

Dr Helen Partridge attended the event at Downing Street on Monday. She was joined by 40 other medics, allied healthcare professionals and patients who have all contributed significantly to the world of type 1 diabetes, either by raising money, awareness or taking part in ground breaking research.

Mrs May, who herself has type 1 diabetes, gave a heartfelt speech in which she thanked everyone for their efforts and encouraged the children, saying diabetes shouldn’t stop them doing anything.

Speaking about her visit, Dr Partridge said: “Regardless of political beliefs, Theresa May has achieved something remarkable by managing her stresses running the country while controlling her diabetes. It is a remarkable achievement.

“It was an absolute honour to have been included among the great and good of the diabetes world. I was proud to be there representing the Royal Bournemouth Hospital’s Diabetes Team – the whole team should have been there for the work they do and the commitment, dedication and empathy they show every day.”


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