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Trust welcomes Italian medical students

16 August

A group of Italian medical students visited The Royal Bournemouth Hospital (RBH) to learn more about the NHS.

The visit was organised by Professor Mauro Barchiesi from the Università Politecnica delle Marche in Ancona and involved 13 second-year medical students.

Along with talking to staff about their experiences of working here, the students were given a tour of the hospital’s Stroke Unit and Emergency Department. They also visited the Cardiology Department, where they were shown the hospital’s state-of-the art refurbished catheter labs which enable staff to provide Dorset residents with the best standards of care.

Professor Barchiesi said: “This visit has given our students the opportunity to compare the Italian health service - the Servizio Sanitario Nazionale - with the NHS, which we consider to be the leading public health service in the world and a model of excellence for other health services. To be so clearly informed by RBH’s staff and experience first-hand how the care and treatment provided for patients is so effectively done is invaluable.”

“The trip to RBH has been fantastic for the students and has opened their minds to first-class healthcare in a different country.”


RBH welcomes Italian medical students

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