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Video goggles improve patient experience

05 November 2019

Dr Clare Bent, an interventional radiologist, is trialling video glasses to help improve patient experience during operations. Video glasses are an innovative technology that allows personal entertainment to be viewed during clinical procedures. They can play both HD and 3D videos, daytime television, boxsets, or even project the procedure directly to a patient to distract them and improve their experience, while reducing anxiety and awareness during invasive medical care.

The goggles have been sent from iTV Goggles in America to allow RBCH to perform a trial to evaluate patient opinion, as part of a quality improvement project.

Dr Bent said: “We plan to use them during local anaesthetic procedures, which are minimally invasive but complex, and can be time consuming. These include prostate artery embolization, cancer treatments and a selection of other treatments.

We have used things like playing music and images on the ceiling as a way of relaxing patients and making them feel more comfortable. We are hoping that using the video goggles will keep them distracted during procedures that can take between two and three hours and reduce the need for intravenous sedation.

“The aim is to distract and improve patient comfort and experience. So far patients have given positive feedback and some patients are frequently unaware of what is happening and the time passes much quicker.”

Their use can also lessen the amount of sedation the patient requires which can help them get home quicker.

Dr Bent is unaware of anyone else in the UK using them in this way.


The video glasses improve the patient experience and reduce the amount of sedation required

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