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"Thank you for your uplifting rainbow pictures" say hospital staff

Minnie Klepacz , Ophthalmology Matron and BAME staff network lead with some of the rainbows in the eye unit.

Cheerful rainbow posters are lifting the spirits of hardworking hospital staff at Poole Hospital and The Royal Bournemouth and Christchurch Hospitals.

During the coronavirus pandemic, the rainbow has become a symbol of support for people wanting to show solidarity with NHS workers.

At RBCH the rainbow drawings have been used to decorate ward corridors and staff wellbeing areas, helping boost morale at a time when some staff are also struggling.

Anne Marie Brown, senior sister in the Emergency Department, said: “My life has changed quite significantly as I have had to move out of home because my partner is shielding for 12 weeks, because he’s got MS and is on immune suppressant drugs.

“I’m very lucky as I’ve been put up in a local caravan park where there are lots of other staff are staying, so I’m feeling very well supported. But the biggest impact is worrying about him, not being with him in the day to day living, and not knowing how he is coping mentally.

“It’s lovely to receive these rainbows and gifts. It makes everything in those more difficult days a bit easier. It brings real happiness and joy to us all.”

Anne said she wanted to give particular thanks for a rainbow that was brought in by schoolchildren Layla, aged eight year’s old, and Lily, aged six, who sold their toys to raise £85.13 for the hospital's charity.

"Thank you so much to everyone for supporting us" she said.

Rainbow pictures bring smiles to all staff

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The hospital chapel has been beautifully decorated with rainbows sent in from the public!

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The rainbows have helped boost morale among all workers at RBCH – from porters, to doctors, housekeepers, caterers, nurses and administration staff – all are helping deliver patient care during the Covid pandemic.

Prof Minesh Khashu, Consultant Neonatologist at Poole Hospital said: ‘‘We have all experienced challenging times recently and seeing these rainbow messages have put smiles on our faces and given us a real boost

“It’s especially pleasing that the rainbow idea ties in with the posters of hope that children have been placing in their windows.

“It’s fantastic to see these appear over the past few weeks and we would like to express our thanks for these very uplifting gestures.”

Nick Williams, RBCH Porter Manager said: “During these dark days of anxiety, seeing the rainbow artwork created by local children lifts the spirits and makes us proud to be part of the NHS, supporting the local community and our families.”

View a gallery of all the amazing rainbows below

Minnie Klepacz, Opthamology Matron and BAME network lead, said she has been affected personally by Covid-19, but the rainbows sent in by the community were a huge source of strength.

“I have lost a few of my colleagues and close friends to coronavirus - this situation truly affects me. But I try my best to come into work and support staff at this difficult time.

“It means a lot. We are really grateful and appreciative for all the rainbows. It really helps us and boosts our morale and builds our confidence to continue during this coronavirus.”

Ruth Thorne, normally works at Christchurch Day Hospital but has been redeployed to RBH. She said: “It’s just lovely; it’s just nice that everyone is thinking of us at this time.”

View some more images of the amazing rainbows at Poole here

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A burst of colour has been brought to the windows of the labs at the hospital with these hand-drawn rainbows.

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The pathology team have been very creative designing this rainbow made up of images from their field. Top marks for creativity!

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Denise Richards, Deputy Director of Nursing at Poole Hospital said:

“We have all been so overwhelmed by the outpouring of support and generosity from the public during this time.

“Kind gestures like these rainbow posters have had a great positive impact on the morale of myself and my colleagues.”

David Martin, consultant in ED medicine at RBCH, said: “There are clearly some horrible things going on around the country at the moment and some staff are experiencing difficult things; people need their spirits lifted.

“Thank you very much for thinking about us and supporting us. It’s very much appreciated.”

Rainbows prove inspiration for staff who are isolating

To ensure staff who are shielding, self-isolating or working from home benefit from the kindness of the public, teams have also turned some of the rainbows into cards to send to those at home.

These cards of rainbows sent in by children, pictured above, were sent from RBCH’s Care Group B to colleagues at home.

The joint Organisational Development team are now coordinating the production of rainbow cards for all staff at home to benefit from.

OD practitioner Nikki Greenall said: “Many staff will find being away from the hospital at such an important time difficult and, from comments we have received and heard, we know this can lead to feelings of anxiety and guilt.

“So we’re sharing some of the lovely rainbows we’ve received with our colleagues at home as they are still valued team members.

“We’ve turned the rainbows into cards to help us wish those colleagues well, tell them they're missed and make time to connect.

“Thank you for sending in your rainbows. They are really making a difference.”