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Black Lives Matter

Black Lives Matter

Black Lives Matter - statement

As a joint Trust, we do not tolerate racism and hate crime.

Our hospitals are places where all our staff and patients should feel safe, protected, welcomed and listened to.

We will work hard to ensure that our health service is a fairer and more compassionate place for all.

Black Lives Matter

To read a full version of the statement from: Debbie Fleming - joint Chief Executive, Alyson O'Donnell - Medical Director RBCH, Matt Thomas - Medical Director Poole Hospital, the Joint BAME Staff Network, the Joint Inclusion and Diversity team, and the Joint Human Resources Directorate, click here.

What you can do to support Black Lives Matter

For your African and Afro-Caribbean colleagues who may have experienced discrimination all their life, the footage of George Floyd's death can trigger painful emotions and memories. This is an emotional and traumatic experience, and you should be mindful of the toll it may be taking. This does not mean you should stay silent – now is the time for proactive, courageous and compassionate conversations.

The following information is to help staff support our African and Afro-Caribbean colleagues where appropriate. There is also information on where our African and Afro-Caribbean colleagues can access further personal and professional support and help.

We recognise many other staff may also be feeling emotionally triggered by George Floyd's death and so this advice and guidance may also be useful and relevant for them and their teammates, who wish to support them.

1. Support your colleagues - be an ally

  • Read: Advice on how to be an ally here.
  • Join the BAME Staff Network as an ally: Be an active ally; attend their meetings and join other inclusion and diversity forums. Join the Black Lives Matter talk on racism in light of the George Floyd, Amaud Abrey and Breonna Taylor on this Friday, June 19, from 3pm-4.30pm at RBCH. All are welcome. To book a place to attend in person or online, please email the network.
  • Include: Representation in decision making will ensure that African and Afro-Caribbean colleagues have influence over decisions that affect them. Where can you ensure your African and Afro-Caribbean colleagues are represented?

2. Speak Up

  • Speak Up: If you see something that isn't right - speak up to individuals, your line manager, our Staff Networks, Freedom to Speak Up, or an Inclusion and Diversity lead. At RBCH this includes Tracy Mack-Nava, Debbie Detheridge and at Poole Hospital this includes Marie Cleary.
  • Signpost: Be aware of the support on offer and signpost people to the right information if you think they need it.
  • Pledge: Download this pledge and make an actionable promise of what you will specifically do to support the cause. Your pledge might be to learn more about Black Lives Matter movement, or take action to include more African and Afro-Caribbean staff in decision making. Send your pledge to the network or post it on social media and tag the hospital you're at, using the hashtag #BlackLivesMatter.
  • Amplify: Share and support African and Afro-Caribbean voices.
  • Be brave: We need everyone to get out of their comfort zone to make real change. You might get things wrong to start with, but accept mistakes as a natural part of the journey to support the cause.

3. Be informed

Speak to people, read books, take part in webinars and courses. Recognise what you don't understand and be willing to learn.

  • Read: Take a look at the anti-racism reading list put together by the BAME Staff Network and allies here.
  • Listen:Learn more about Black Lives Matter at the network event this Friday June 19 from 3pm - 4.30pm in the Lecture Theatre at RBCH or online. To book a place to attend in person or online, please email the network.

Support available for black colleagues

Our Occupational Health Team is here and available to support you with a range of advice and guidance on any of our three sites - The Royal Bournemouth Hospital, Christchurch Hospital and Poole Hospital. They can be contacted Monday to Friday by emailing Occupational.Health@rbch.nhs.uk or telephoning ext. 4217. They are also available out of hours 7pm to 10pm on weekdays, and at weekends 9am to 12 noon on 07881-358943.

Risk assessments: Line managers will be instructed to ensure all of our African and Afro-Caribbean colleagues receive a health and safety risk assessment to keep them safe at work. This discussion with managers will be private and confidential and colleagues will be encouraged to access further support from our Occupational Health team, and other support services, if appropriate.

Line manager guidance: Managers please note that guidance on how to talk your BAME colleagues through a risk assessment will be online shortly. The guidance will give you advice and tips on how to have constructive and compassionate conversations about these important issues.

Your Freedom to Speak Up Guardian and Ambassadors are also here to ensure staff feel safe and confident to raise concerns. You can contact them via email: RBCH: freedomtospeakup@rbch.nhs.uk.

Spiritual and Pastoral Care: Our multi-faith chaplaincy team are available for confidential support for all of you, whether you have a faith or not. Our chapels have remained open and can be accessed at any time. Bournemouth and Christchurch: call 01202 704221 (Chaplains' office) or via switchboard on 01202 303626 and ask them to contact the on-call chaplain. For Poole, call: 01202 442167 (chaplains' office) or 01202 448153 (chapel).

Ask for more: If there is anything else that you feel would be helpful, please contact our organisational development team on organisational.development@rbch.nhs.uk.

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