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How you contact us is changing

As we become University Hospitals Dorset, how you contact Poole, the Royal Bournemouth and Christchurch hospitals will change from 1 October.

Telephone numbers beginning 01202 are being replaced with a new 0300 019 prefix, followed by the last four digits of the old number.

Switchboard numbers will stay the same - however if you are called by the hospital this will display as coming from the new 0300 019 prefix.

There are currently a range of different dialling prefixes which our patients and the public have told us can be confusing.

From 1 October there will be just one - 0300 019.

If you keep a hospital telephone number handy, it's simple to update it – just add the last four digits to the new prefix. For example, an old telephone number beginning 01202 and ending in extension '1234' becomes 0300 019 1234.


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