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Coming into hospital for an operation

Thank you for choosing the Royal Bournemouth and Christchurch Hospitals.

We want to ensure your stay with us is as comfortable as possible and to help you get well as soon as possible. At any time during your stay, please feel free to ask any member of staff for assistance. If you experience any difficulties or have questions, please let us know. We welcome any suggestions that you believe will improve our services.

Being an informed patient is important. Knowing what to expect will reduce your anxiety, help make your hospital stay more pleasant, and it can also help speed up your recovery.

Day surgery is when a patient has his/her operation on the day they were admitted to hospital and who goes home on that same day.

The majority of routine operations are now performed as day or short stay surgery. This benefits patients as they can return to their normal home environment as soon as they have recovered from the anaesthetic.

Fasting instructions

Before coming to the hospital you will be informed if you are required to make an overnight stay.

Or, if you are already an inpatient at the hospital then you will be taken straight to where your procedure is taking place.

Fitter patients who are able to improve their health and activity levels recover from surgery more quickly and with fewer complications. What you do in the time leading up to surgery can have a really big impact on your recovery and long term health. Please see the Fitter Better Sooner website for more details.

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