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How you can help

Throughout the winter months our hospitals suffer from outbreaks of Norovirus. The main reason is our higher than average elderly population. The elderly are particularly vulnerable to Norovirus and it can cause severe dehydration. Those with long term medical conditions are also vulnerable as these conditions can be exacerbated.

Patient safety and controlling and preventing the spread of infection are our main priorities. Sometimes this means we have to close our wards to visitors. We are sorry for the inconvenience this causes but patient safety is our priority.

Sometimes visitors and patients come into hospital when they have not been feeling well. This can lead to the spread of infection.

You can help us too:

  • DO NOT visit hospital if you have had any kind of sickness or diarrhoea within the past 48 hours – even if you think it may be food poisoning.
  • If you have been ill but have a hospital appointment please call us before coming in
  • Always wash your hands where possible before entering a ward
  • Always use the gel provided on entering and leaving hospital.
Infection Control Poster: Hand gels are available to use on all wards and at each main entrance