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How safe are we

We have very low rates of infection in our hospitals, some of the lowest in the country:


It has been over a year since our last case of hospital acquired MRSA bacteraemia. Latest figures from the Department of Health confirm and rate as one of the safest in the country with a rate of 0.50 per 10,000 bed days. You can find out more here. We also continue to meet MRSA screening target for elective (planned) patients.

Clostridium difficile

We also have one of the lowest rates of clostridium difficile in the south west with a rate of 0.43 per 1,000 bed days.

PEAT survey

The Patient Environment Action Team (PEAT) survey, which includes members of the public, who inspect our hospitals classifies the Trust’s cleanliness as “good”.

Hand hygiene

We employ a hospital wide audit system to assess staff adherence to stringent standards of hand hygiene. Overall, our hospitals are 83 – 92% compliant – with many areas achieving 100% compliance. In addition to this, we were accepted as a phase 2 implementer of the National Patient Safety Agency’s ‘Clean Your Hands' campaign.