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Information & Details

The Education Centre contains excellent facilities, offers specialised Teaching programmes and is controlled by a set group of well qualified and experienced Consultants and Doctors.


Lecture Theatre Capacity: Capacity 114

Conference Room Capacity: Capacity 95

4 Seminar Rooms: Capacity 20 each room

Teaching programmes

Doctors: Theoretical / Clinical

GPs: Theoretical / Clinical

Dentists : Theoretical / Clinical

Multi–professional :


Royal College Examinations :

Refugee Doctors:

Overseas Doctors:

Consultants and Doctors

Education Centre Manager: Mrs Christine Hardwick

Associate Sub Dean:Dr N Hopkinson

Programme Director F1: Dr M Vassallo

Clinical Tutor: Dr T Raza

Dental Tutor: Mr S Doman

GP Tutor: Dr P Blick

Surgical Tutor: Mr D Bennett